UX Methodology

When I approach a product design project I always follow a customer-centric mindset. I seek to fully understand users needs and pain points besides the goals of the product. I take all the necessary actions to discover what’s needed and I align myself with product managers and POs for the best strategy to take in terms of releases and features to design, thinking on the value for both users and business.

My main tool is the double diamond process that I consider my baseline to approach each instance of a product design project.


Understanding the problem space, the business, product goals, considering potencial solutions and learning about the customer.


Define the steps and actions to take. Define design principles to help guide experience decisions and alignment with the team.

User Journey

Crafting the ideal user journey considering the knowledge gathered so far: user personas, needs, mental models, etc.

Design & Iterate

Exploring posible solutions. Testing, iterating involving key actors within the process and communicating the results.

Design refinement

Polishing designs considering test results and alignment with developers. Establishing common ground with engineering.


Handoff the final solution and continuously supporting developers in their process. Visual QA and consultancy.


Monitoring the solution performance. Continuos improvement with focus on engagement and experience improvement.

The ability to adapt this process to different contexts and timmings is key to achieve an optimal result without leaving behind the fundamental pillars that delivers a proper research and a well implemented user testing phases.