About me

My name is Javier but everybody calls me Javi.

I'm a User Experience Designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who loves to improve people's lives through design. That love started immediately when I met the UX discipline back in 2015, while I was in a position of Digital Designer, and have grown stronger ever since.

I'm a clear thinker. With a deep sense of empathy for both users and business needs. I understand the complete ecosystem on which the product lives and behaves. Adaptable, with analytical capacity and product vision, I've dedicated myself to constantly learn new things with every experience I've had in my path, putting special emphasis on data and the importance of data-driven decisions.

I do everything in my hands to make the user experience useful and meaningful, with a solid ability to understanding the needs and translating them into solutions.

I always give a plus, because I love what I do.

In my spare time I'm a family person and an animal lover. I like to spend time in nature or watching a good movie!

"Always put passion in everything that makes you happy."